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As a proudly Australian company with years of experience working with resources, heavy industrial and commercial clients in the field, we understand the challenges involved in:

We draw on this firsthand experience to design cutting-edge business management systems that meet the specific needs of complex large-scale industries operating in remote Australia, including mining, oil & gas extraction, heavy industry, construction, civil engineering, and transport and logistics.

What is Echitek Assure?

Echitek Assure is a curated operational assurance software system that allows you to control all your operational, HSE, and quality requirements by scheduling, verifying and reporting on all aspects in detail and recording all evidence and actions taken.

Effortless Operational Assurance You Can Count On!

Echitek Assure provides a real-time assurance collaboration platform from which to:

Manage Operations and Administer Contractors

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Transform data into actionable reports

Create and carry out audit activities

Echitek Assure functionality — What’s in the box?

Get all the functionality you need for a consistent audit methodology and real-time reporting, including:

Action management

Allow users to create and manage actions for the company and contractors.

Audit tool

Allow users to create and undertake audit activities.

Reporting with dashboard interface

Generate high-level reports detailing performance and risk analysis utilising PowerBI analytics.

Data management

Control your data within Echitek Assure.

Contractor portal

Allow contractors to easily communicate with you, respond to your queries and upload documents.

Customisation and Support

Customised modules can be provided based on your requirements including:

All Echitek products are backed by our 24/7 specialist operational support

Get a clear and accurate picture of your operations, at any given time across all of your many projects, so you can: